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Common misconceptions about residential PV

Common misconceptions about residential PV

April 19, 2023

The demand for rooftop photovoltaic systems and residential batteries by households continues to grow. In order to meet the expectations of homeowners, the German consumer association Verbraucherzentrale NRW is trying to clear up misconceptions about PV installations that can frustrate professional consumers.


It is very important that people can be clearly aware of their personal goals with PV and then go on to discover more about other aspects," says White of s So Good Energy  GmbH. In this way, disappointment can be avoided and solar energy can be used really effectively."


The first misconception is the promise to people that they can become self-sufficient with PV power and storage systems. This is not the case, as PV systems and home storage solutions can only meet a certain percentage of a household's annual electricity supply.


The level of self-sufficiency that can be achieved in a home ranges between 25 and 90 per cent, depending on the level of electricity consumption and whether or not a storage system is installed. h White says that especially in the winter months, there is not nearly enough solar power, so electricity must be purchased from the grid. Full self-sufficiency can only be achieved through additional seasonal storage, such as hydrogen power.


White says: "However, this is technically very complex and makes little economic sense for residential units."


Another misconception is the belief that PV systems are only valuable in combination with batteries. Some homeowners seem to think that connecting solar energy to the grid is not an attractive option from an economic point of view.


"Even without a storage unit, PV systems still have economic value," says White, "and the feasibility of installing batteries for a PV system depends on several factors - mainly the household's consumption profile and the cost of electricity. "


Homeowners should therefore check their level of electricity consumption without installing a storage system. They can compare the higher level of electricity consumption achieved with the installation of a battery storage system with the actual electricity costs incurred.

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